Php2perl is a simple RPC-type server written in Perl allowing you to communicate
  from your PHP programs to Rpc Server-type Perl programs.

  Writing a RPC Server is very simple, as you just need to add a few lines to the 
  routines you want to share. Then you can call the routines from another Perl program or from PHP

  This may be used for several usages within a LAMP-type of operation:
	- sharing object written in Perl, as the perl scripts may be unterstood as 
	  data shared along with the routine to deal with it.
	- sharing short-term memory data : write your CHAT program without MySQL
	- run the RPC program under root, and then you can access root resources from
	  your PHP scripts through the control of the Perl Rpc scripts
	- share a SQL connection

      get it -> php2perl-2.0.tar.gz


  *** NEW *** supports Mysql 4 new UDF format (hopefully this works with Mysql 5 too)

  VTBM is a package available for PostgreSQL, MySQL, Perl and PHP, allowing to manipulate BitVectors 
  in a peculiar format, supporting these features :

	- BitVectors are compressed, typically by a factor 1:50 (whatever that means)
	- Setting or Unsetting a bit is made "in place" without having to uncompress/recompress a BitVector
	- finding the location of a bit in the BitVector uses a dichotomic mecanism
	- AND and ORs are done block-by-block, so they are pretty fast, faster than a byte-by-byte operation.
	- INTERSECT functions works block-by-block and of course stops at the fist nonzero bit
	- Supports bitvector ending with an infinite length of ONES, that is, supports correctly
		the NOT operator.

  That is, VTBM BitVectors are very fast BitVectors for compressed ones. Of course, a non-compressed bitvector will 
  always be faster than a compressed one, but these are pretty fast anyway, and much much smaller

	- about 100000 set/reset op per second on my old 400Mhz machine	

      get it     -> vtbm-1.0.16.tar.gz

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